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The Treasure: A Musical of Love and Commitment Synopsis

A Christmas Musical - The Treasure Musical is a story for all ages.  It is an ancient Christmas story and a modern-day Christmas Story all in one.

As we watch Mary rely on her faith and trust in God, we see a modern-day woman struggle with her faith and ultimately, through the love and prayers of others, she comes to that same level of trust, even if it means being on her own.  As we watch Joseph struggle with his own fears, we watch a modern-day man, caught up in his career and nightmares of his past, refuse to be vulnerable to his wife or God. 


Through many encounters we witness the Nativity told through music and creative dialogue.  We see a brotherhood form between shepherds in the field and friends in a local bar.  We see sisters support each other through all and cousins love each other in the most difficult times.  We see a man’s hardened heart soften through the words of a simple homeless man and finally watch him accept and appreciate his responsibilities of being a father.


The Treasure will leave you feeling inspired, encouraged and wanting the same level of faith as Mary, the same trust as Joseph and the same kindness and compassion of Elizabeth.

As we watch the decay of the importance of the strong family unit in our society today, The Treasure gives us all hope for our future by remembering our past.

The Treasure - Complete Performance Package

You will receive The Treasure Complete Performance Package, once your Performance License has been approved and payment received.  Your Complete Performance Package will include:

(20) The Treasure Scripts (or 'libretto' as we say in the musical theater world)

(15) The Treasure Vocal/Songbooks (full lead sheets - lead and background vocals, chord charts)

(2) The Treasure Soundtrack (to use for learning and practicing all of the music) With Rights to make 10 Copies each.

(2) The Treasure Accompaniment CD (to use in your final rehearsals and performances) With Rights to make 5 Copies each.

Option to purchase extra Scripts for $20 each

Option to purchase extra Vocal/Songbooks for $20 each

Option to purchase extra Listening CD's for $10 each

Option to purchase extra Accompaniment CD's for $10 each

The Treasure Licensing Form

So, you have decided to perform The Treasure:  A Musical of Love and Commitment.  Great!  You will love it.  In order to move forward with your performance, we need to take care of a few things.  Please click on "contact form" to download our Performance License form.  Fill it out and email it back to us.  Once you have been approved for your requested license, and we have received your payment, start looking for a package in the mail that has everything you need to put on a great show!


The Treasure Soundtrack CD

This listening CD will help you and your group in practicing and preparing for your performances of The Treasure:  A Musical of Love and Commitment.

To listen to samples of the songs and purchase the Soundtrack go to:


The Treasure Accompaniment CD

This Accompaniment CD will allow you and your group to perform The Treasure:  A Musical of Love and Commitment with the full orchestration of the Listening CD.

To listen to samples of the songs and purchase this Accompaniment CD go to: