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H. Jackson Brown


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Life is a journey isn’t it?  Journeys can be long.  Journeys can be hard.  Journeys can be scary…but journeys can be something else too.  Journeys can be a way of pulling things out of us we never even knew were there…uncovering things about us that have been hidden for so long.  This devotional is like a journey, in the sense that it is meant to get you moving…or rather your faith moving…your desire to know God more moving…and God will meet you there.  Together, you will start a journey as you begin to discover new things about yourself and about Him.   In your fear and in your doubt God is there and will be by your side in your journey to deliverance.

A couple of years ago, I was going about my regular day.  Getting kids off to school, cleaning the house, running errands…and the Lord met me there.  He put it on my heart to write a devotional that focuses on Jesus’ final days here on earth.  I thought it sounded interesting and then put it away in the land of my thoughts.  It wasn’t until recently, when I was asked to record a song with a friend, that my Book of Remembrance opened back to that page and inspired me to start a new journey.  My favorite part is that the Lord clearly lead me towards making this a collaborative project.  Calling on several of my friends to join me in the writing.  We are not talking theologians, or published writers.  No, just people.  People who love the Lord and who have gifts and talents that have been waiting to get out.   Thank you for joining my friends and me on this great journey.  So, get up, get your walking shoes on and start expecting great things in this Journey of the Lamb


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Journey of the Lamb Songbook

The Journey of the Lamb Songbook includes all you need to perform the songs with melody line, vocal parts and guitar chords.

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