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Allyson Harasimowicz - Founder of Rep Family Vision, Inc

Allyson Harasimowicz has a passion for experiencing faith through action.  Recently, while working on a devotional focusing on the Passion of Jesus, the Lord nudged Allyson a little more to move forward with an idea she’s had for several years.  From that nudging came the idea of ReP FAMILY VISION…Revival of the Powerful Family.
Our society is witnessing a breakdown of the importance of the strong family unit and it’s time we take it back.

Allyson has been married to her husband Mike for 23 years and they have four High School and Middle School aged children.  They are a Military Family as Mike just recently retired from the Air Force after 25 years of Active Duty Service. 

As an active Military Spouse, Allyson was able to support many Military Families and Air Force programs that encouraged building the strength of the Family, especially when the Active Duty member was deployed. 

A singer and song writer, Allyson has joined many different singing groups as well as being a Worship Leader at churches in the several different places she and her family called home while in the Military.  She is also a member of the American Military Spouses Choir that went all the way to the Semi-Finals on America’s Got Talent in the 2013 Season. 

She has taught all different levels of Faith Formation with several churches but her most important students have always been her own family.  Allyson and Mike are firm believers that faith formation starts in the home and has created ‘curriculum’ for her family to experience their faith and not just sit on the sidelines  for over 15 years.

Allyson is excited to see the Lord work great things through her latest mission:

Remembering the family unit as it was in the past.
Reclaiming the importance of the family unit in the present.
Revitalizing the responsibilities of the family for the future.