Allyson Harasimowicz and Tatia Grubb
O Come Emmanuel - Public Domain, Added Lyrics - Eddie Cavazos and Allyson Harasimowicz


Come Lord Jesus is the first track our Freedom Praise Band's Christmas CD - In Need of a Savior.

Mai Auert and Miriam Flores
Allyson Harasimowicz


The Wedding Day comes from the musical The Treasure - A Musical of Love and Commitment.  To listen to more songs from the musical or purchase the songs please check out The Treasure tab.

Lisa Pratt
Allyson Harasimowicz


This version of Mary's Lullaby is a part of the Journey of the Lamb Devotional Project.  It can also be heard in The Treasure Musical Soundtrack.  The song embodies the honest concerns of a new mother and the keen understanding of Mary, knowing one day her son would leave her home to save the world. 

Eddie Cavazos and Allyson Harasimowicz
Eddie Cavazos and Eva Wilson


Lead Me Home is the first song in my Journey of the Lamb - 10-Day, Music-led, Scripture and Testimony-filled Devotional.

To listen to song samples of all of the songs and purchase CDs, go to:

♫ Journey of the Lamb - Allyson Harasimowicz. Listen @cdbaby

Allyson Harasimowicz
Allyson Harasimowicz, Brandi and James Harasimowicz and Eddie Cavazos


Triumphal Entry celebrates the entrance of Jesus into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday.  



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